Commercial Garage Door Openers Chatsworth


Light-Duty Commercial Door Openers Chatsworth

Ideal for applications with limited hourly cycles, LiftMaster light-duty commercial door operators are strong, powerful and highly reliable.


Medium-Duty Commercial Door Openers Chatsworth

Ideal for increased door weight and frequency of cycles, LiftMaser medium-duty commercial door operators make a strong addition to any facility.


Industrial Duty Commercial Door Openers Chatsworth

Nothing compares to the strength and smarts of LiftMaster industrial-duty commercial door operators. Customizable to any environment, these are must-have openers for the toughest workplaces.


Fire Door Release Devices Chatsworth

In case of an emergency, it's critical to have equipment you can count on. LiftMaster's fire door release devices provide the ultimate reliability, exactly when it's needed.


Specialty Overhead Door Operator Chatsworth

Engineered to increase uptime and provide powerful, reliable performance. Noise-isolating design provides for exceptionally smooth and quiet operation. Selectable speed control opens up to 11" inches per second to keep traffic flowing.